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Date added: 2019-10-08
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Make your way through the map using arrow keys or WASD. Use the spacebar or the left mouse to attack. Change your weapons using 1234. 


Play online with worldwide opponents! Being inspired by the Minecraft game, unblocked will drop you into a world where you can build up constructures and fight against your enemies. Once you are in this world, you must make your way through the map to get some resources, like stone, wood, and dirt. Then, you use them to craft items and some buildings to defend yourself. Feel free to fly high your imagination when building in this io game multiplayer, then you will have a lot of fun admiring what you have just made. Don't forget to keep yourself upgraded through over time for more strength to beat all enemies that want to eliminate you. Watch out for the areas around you when you are in the search of resources. Always have your skills with strategies ready so you can deal with other players. How long can you survive? Will you get to the top of the leaderboard? Let's join game in your browser right now!

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